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Pest Control Services in Columbia, South Carolina

Carolina Pest Control, located in Irmo, SC, offers a full array of services for termite and pest control. For 25 years we have provided reliable, customer-focused insect and termite treatments for residential customers. Our expert exterminators eliminate termites, spiders, cockroaches, palmetto bugs, silverfish, fleas, centipedes and earwigs.

Featuring Cynoff EC Insecticide, Talstar P, Termidore and Termidore HE for termite extermination and vapor barrier applications with proven results, we will help you eliminate any pest or termite problem and protect your home from future pest infestations. Contact the best locally and family-owned exterminators serving Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Gaston, Blythewood and Lugoff-Elgin, SC. Call 803-732-1869 or schedule pest control online.

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Pest Control Services

Carolina Pest Control will rid your home of pests including roaches, termites, centipedes and any other crawling or flying invader. Safe, effective and affordable pest control solutions are available.

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Free Service Estimate

Call (803) 732-1869 or fill out our Free Onsite Pest Inspection Form for a free pest control inspection and quote. Prices depend on the size and type of infestation so contact us today to schedule.

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Termite Treatments

Unchecked termite infestations will cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Don't wait for a swarm. Call Carolina Pest Control at the first sign of termites in and around your home.

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Specials & Discounts

Military and Senior discounts are available. Plus, refer three people to us for any kind of pest control and receive a free treatment for your home. Do not ignore the signs of an insect infestation.

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Eliminate termites, spiders, cockroaches, palmetto bugs, silverfish and centipedes

Columbia SC Pest Control ImageInterior Insect and Pest Control Inspection and Treatment: An initial and comprehensive inspection will determine the type of pests that are currently causing problems in your home. Designated areas, such as basements, garages and crawl space areas of your home, are treated to inhibit insect breeding and further eliminate possible infestations. 90 day guarantee on regular pest control treatments.

Effective Pest Control for Termites: The destruction they do to homes can cost thousands of dollars if the infestation is not dealt with right away. A proven pest control for termites involves professional extermination and treatment so the termites will not return.

Pest Control Perimeter Treatment: We treat the perimeter of your home with state of the art pest prevention methods that will stop crawling and flying pests from entering your home and living space. Yard flea sprays are also available.

Flying Insect Nest and Web Removal: We will inspect, remove and treat overhangs and eaves for webs and nests where pests live and breed. This will help to control the flying insects, such as hornets and wasps, as well as spiders.

Moisture Vapor Barriers: Termites and insects pests love water and wet places. A vapor barrier treatment from Carolina Pest Control can help keep termites and other swarms from damaging your house and causing significant long term damage to the foundation.

CL-100 Termite Inspections and Construction Pre-Treatments: We provide the State required inspection/report for wood destroying organisms for real estate transactions. Our contracts are fully transferable if the home is sold with a low transfer fee. And, prevent termite infestation on new construction before it happens with Pre-Treatments.

Protect your home or business with proven pest control treatments that will eliminate household pests and termites. For a free quote on your pest control treatment or for immediate pest control contact Carolina Pest Control in Irmo at 803-732-1869.


I highly recommend this place! Always soooo friendly on the phone!! Never rude! Takes care of needs promptly! I’ve always had a great experience with the annual inspections but this year was prob the best so far. He really took his time checking all perimeters of the house and answered questions I had even if it was a stupid question. I was a little paranoid because my neighbor had termites a few months ago and I felt he really took his time and did not rush through. Thanks for the quality work y’all have to offer!!
-Kelly H.

Thank you for your prompt service. Very nice and helpful appointment was easy to make and technician was informative.
-Samantha J