Irmo Pest Control – Better Now Than Later!

by CarolinaPestControl

Image of Pest ControlAre ants lining up to march into your bathroom or take over your kitchen? Do you notice the quick movement of a cockroach running to the corner of the room when you turn on a light? When you see pests in your home, it is obvious that pest control is needed. However, there are other insects or bugs that find a way into your home, undetected by everyone. To prevent these invaders from entering your home in the first place, a routine maintenance program for pest control Irmo, SC is recommended. Keeping your home pest free is essential for the wellbeing of your family and the cleanliness of your home.

Pest Control Services Reduce Disease Potential

Did you know that pests can carry bacteria that causes diseases and illnesses? This can be a problem since they can come into contact with your family’s toothbrushes or food. Cockroaches can cause an allergic, asthmatic reaction in some people, and pets can also be affected. When bugs get into your food supply, certain illnesses, such as E. coli or salmonella could be passed on to you and your family members.

A Clean Home Promotes Good Health and Helps to Prevent Allergies

Pests are often attracted to food left out in the open or to dirty sinks. Pests can bring harmful bacteria into your home, leaving your countertops, floors and other surfaces unclean. Some insects create an allergic reaction for family members, so it is ideal to keep pests away for the overall health of your family. Keeping food and other pest-attracting situations to a minimum will help reduce the occurrence of infestations.

Additional Pest Control Tips for Best Results

Trying to get rid of pests by yourself could lead to unhealthy chemicals in your home or cause pests to simply move to another area of your home. Professional pest control services use chemicals that are safe for your children and pets, and they provide the most reliable, safe and effective outcome.

In addition to professional services, there are a few tips for homeowners to practice to further prevent pests from entering the home:

  • Install window screens to prevent bugs from coming in when windows are open
  • Fit drain covers over the drains in showers and sinks
  • Apply caulk and weather stripping to gaps and cracks along walls and entryways
  • Keep your hedges and trees trimmed, so they do not touch your home

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