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Unfortunately for South Carolina, mosquito season takes up a good chunk of the year. This means ruined cookouts, birthday parties, and everything we like to do in our yards. Here in South Carolina we happen to live in an environment that mosquitoes love. Mosquito populations are attracted to warm, humid climates and will use every opportunity to breed – rainwater buckets, puddles that won’t evaporate, even overturned  bottle caps that collect rain. They look for stagnant water to lay their eggs and this makes it very hard to kill and get rid of mosquitoes without the help of professionals.  Carolina Pest Control has developed their unique process to treat mosquitoes more effectively and for longer periods of time.


pollinator safe pest control
Pollinator Inspection
We inspect your property to identify pollinators like bees and butterflies. We do not want to negatively effect these very important insects when treating mosquitoes.

long lasting mosquito treatment
30 Day Effectiveness
We use 2 chemicals that isolate different mosquito populations.This approach allows us to kill adult mosquitoes and larvae. Therefore greatly reducing their survival.

kill mosquito with 3 chemicals
3 Chemical Treatment
Our third chemical allows our treatments to last longer and spread a larger surface. This way we can keep mosquitoes out of your yard.


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