Reduce Termite Infestations in Columbia, SC

by CarolinaPestControl

termite soldierHow do you reduce your risk of a termite problem in South Carolina?

First question: do you have a warm and inviting home? The termite population might find that your home is the perfect environment, with the right balance of warm temperatures, available water, abundant food and cozy shelter. In the United States, termites cause damage to homes and properties, upwards of $5 billion dollars annually. You can protect your home with preventative termite control in Columbia with Carolina Pest Control.

Why do termites gravitate to a home environment?

Food, Glorious Food! Termites are voracious eaters and their primary source of food is wood. Termites especially are drawn towards decaying trees or other dead wood, so make sure to remove dying trees from your yard, especially right next to your home. Keep firewood off the ground by 2 feet at a minimum, and maintain a barrier between soil and wooded areas of your home. The structure of your home is vulnerable to termite infestations, so keep termites away by eliminating wet or dying wood sources near your home.

Termites Love Humidity. Make sure your crawl space area is properly ventilated to reduce the humidity level underneath your home. Keep vents clear of debris and have Moisture Vapor Barriers applied by Carolina Pest Control to help control the humidity in the crawl space. Prune and maintain shrubs and trees on a regular basis, since thick and dense vegetation can store extra moisture right next to your home. Do not let the bushes or trees touch your home by planting new shrubs and plants a few feet away and by routinely trimming to keep them from growing towards your home.

Keep Water Away from Your Home. When it rains, make sure to check your gutters to be sure they are draining properly. Pools of water up against your home, and other highly moist areas right next to your foundation are preferred sources for termites to thrive. If possible, drain away from your house, and fix leaky pipes in your home. When sprinklers are on, keep the water from flowing towards your home’s foundation.

When termite damage is detected, call Carolina Pest Control immediately. A small infestation can be stopped so you can avoid a larger infestation with costlier damage. We have the technology and expertise to locate termite colonies within the walls of your home and around all of the exterior entry points. Maintain the exterior of your home so that moisture problems and rotted wood are eliminated, which will reduce the likelihood of a termite issue. Your investment in your home should be protected with a comprehensive termite control plan that will safely discourage termites from entering your home. Call us today to learn more about our termite control services: (803) 732-1869.